Chinese flavours are heavy on spices, but you find balance in each and combinations of others. We love the strong fermented soy, tinglingly pepper spicy, and pickled sourness and natural fruity sweetness. To showcase you our favourtie Chinese food from the Shanghai, Sichuan regions, we have small plates, dim sum and wok works mix and match; pair with a couple of lychee or plum cocktails. 

dim sum

beer snack, cocktail and fun times


Take off your suits and stress at end of the day, be yourself, enjoy the tunes you love, sing along with your friends. Have the karaoke room to yourselves, snack on some kong pao fried chicken and raise your asia sling, to the fun and best night out in town!


Chinese food are always meant to be shared, for family and friends that get together, enjoying each other's company, table full of differernt flavours, textures, meat and always vegetables. Watching mom bringing steaming hot bowls after bowls from the kitchen and dad trying to organise the table to fit in even more plates, us kids just sitting around the big table picking our favourites. Grandma trying to feed us more and more, dessert and drinks ... good times.

all about sharing

From wok to dessert

Trust the chef

let us feed you a delicious selection of banquet style signature midnight shanghai dishes.


open 10am-late, 7 days

open on all public holidays, no surcharges

(closed on xmas day only)

02040 173488

FB, IG: @MidnightShanghai

Karaoke rooms available for booking between group size of 2-15 people per room, 2 rooms, $45 per hour, minimum per room spending $50.


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